Win the Pain Game

Win the Pain Game

4 Day Challenge

Are you ready to discover the secret to Win the Pain Game?

Join us for a FREE 4-day online experience to uncover your 

Pain Blueprint and Pain Relief Plan! 

Finally be free of frustration that pain brings and live life on your terms.

May 19 - May 22, 2020

Are you suffering with Pain?

I have been virtually pain free after back surgery for 37 years and I want to show you how to uncover your Pain Blueprint and the simple 3 step process to be pain free.

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About your Mentor:

Heather Phillips is an Energy Movement Mentor who helps people find drug free alternatives to reduce pain and live life with vitality and resilience. She had back surgery when she was 20 and had a constant pain after surgery that Physical Therapy did not resolve. After getting unsatisfactory reasons for her new pain, she discovered Touch for Health, Energy Balancing and Energy Movement techniques. She further learned how to master the flow of Chi energy, using various techniques to address any lingering pain from activity or postural deviations that life brings our way. 

Heather completed her Honours Bachelor degree of Physical Education which included an Honours Thesis about Energy Balancing and its effects on muscles. She now teaches people around the globe how to be pain free without drugs, surgery or pills so they can finally Win the Pain Game.


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