Are you injured or recovering from surgery?

Is it taking too long to recover?  

 Join us for

Win the Pain Game and Energy Boost Your Life!

June 26th - June27th, 2021

Become the master of your body comfort and learn how to use a simple 3-step system to reduce pain and stress. 

Discover your Pain Blue Print and uncover your unique pain and stress relief solution so you can have more energy,  flexibility, strength and coordination.

Live your best life physically and emotionally.


Win Over Pain.

Win Your Game.

Are you looking for proven methods to relieve your pain and stress?

I have been virtually pain-free after back surgery for 38 years and had a successful recovery from a car accident when I was 23. My medical doctor was amazed at how quickly I recovered because the whiplash I suffered was gone "Ahead of schedule!"

You are invited to learn and experience techniques and a system that I have used and shared with great success so you too can be in control of your pain, have more energy, recover faster from acute injuries and live life to the fullest.

My goal for you is to say,

“Pain, fatigue and stress are no-longer my captor,

I am Free to be ME!"

Heather Phillips

Holistic Pain Relief Expert 

[email protected]

 1-(519) 577-9209

Win the Pain Game to Energy Boost your Life!

This program is right for you when you want:

  • Hope for a better way to deal with pain and stress.
  • A natural, holistic and proven way to reduce pain without resorting to pills and possible addiction.
  • Freedom from pain or discomfort due to overtraining, accident, surgery or injury.
  • To recover more quickly from injury.
  • To find “a better way” to resolve pain, stress, fatigue.
  • More energy, vitality and resilience after activity, exercise and for daily living.
  • More ease, comfort and joy during daily activities or practice.

If you said "Yes" to any of these statements,

consider reserving your seat and sign up now.

A personal success story by Heather Phillips

When you are finished Win the Pain Game immersion weekend you will have simple and proven ways to Energy Boost your life, you will be able to measure your freedom from pain. You will have a “Better Way” to live a life in body comfort.

Each of the Energy Boost Self-care techniques has its own set of benefits and you will be given a chart that list them all. The Energy Boost techniques can be used in isolation or combined. And they can be amplified when implemented with the 4R system.

Before I knew the 4R system, I used the Energy Boost techniques by themselves with great success.  For example, when I was a trainer for a football team, I noticed one of the players struggling to catch the ball during practice before the game. His eye-hand coordination seemed to be “off”.  I called him over and asked him if he wanted to catch the ball during the game. His answer was “yes” so I helped him perform one of the Energy Boost techniques. The result was that every football that came  his way, he caught!  So many, in fact that he won a “STAR” for the game. He shared his star prizes with me because he said, “I could not have done this without your help.” The technique made a difference in his performance. This is only ONE technique. Can you imagine what you could do when you know 20, know how and when to apply them?  

On Day One of the Immersion weekend, we learn these 20 Energy Boost self-care techniques and on Day 2 they are applied to a revolutionary process that can amplify pain relief solutions and the stress response. Imagine having a tool at your fingertips that that can quickly and easily reduce pain, fatigue and stress. I call it the 4R System (Realtime, Root, Reveal, Resolve). You could reduce pain and stress in minutes, curb cravings and increase energy in minutes. It really works.


What you can expect:

  • To become a master at energy self-testing,
  • Learn 20+ energy boost techniques so you can have better flexibility, eye-hand coordination, agility, strength and tracking a ball, puck, or birdie.
  • To be part of The Freedom Club for ongoing support over 12 weeks where you will learn even more energy boost techniques plus an opportunity to ask questions and get a resolution to specific issues regarding pain, fatigue, stress.
  • With an extra course, you can become an Energy Boost Self-Care Facilitator and learn to put programs together to make extra cash by added a service to your existing career as a coach, trainer, teacher or community centre leader.


The cost of the program includes:

  • A weekend Win the Pain Game immersion workshop,
  • The downloadable documents
  • Online program with videos of all the techniques.
  • 6 sessions over 12-weeks of The Freedom Club so you can hone your skills, get your questions answered and resolve any issues that may arise. (These will be recorded if you miss any weeks you paid for)


Your Commitment:

  • Bring your curiosity. 
  • Review the online program before the Immersion Workshop, if possible.
  • Show up to the Win the Pain Game Immersion Weekend (optional)
  • Learn the Energy Boost Self-Care techniques
  • Practice and implement the techniques, system, strategies.
  • Participate in the 6 sessions of The Freedom Club 


You are recovering from surgery or an injury.

You want a more natural solution to relieve your pain.

You want more energy, vitality and resilience in your daily life!

You want to climb stairs with no effort, reach your toes easily and do physical activities with Joy, Ease and Grace.

Groundbreaking and revolutionary.

Sign Up Now!

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$225 USD

(paid monthly)


3 Payments of

$297 CAD

(paid monthly)


Pay in Full and Save

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Pay in Full and Save

$750 CAD

(one payment)


What others are saying...

Connie B.

"I used to need a rest room every hour on the hour. After I did an Energy Boost Self-Care class with Heather, I can go hours without needing a restroom!"



Toni W.

“One of the Energy Boost Self-Care Techniques is about setting a goal. Mine was to get out of bed pain free. It worked! It’s been 7 months and I am still pain free in the mornings!"



Sue T.

"My husband and I drove for 12 hours. Each time we stopped to change drivers, we did the Circuit Breaker Reset. When we got to our destination, we stayed up an extra 4 hours visiting family! That NEVER happens. Thanks to Circuit Breaker Rest, we had bountiful energy and weren't sore after a long car ride!"

L.G.- Canada

“Recently I had a few sessions with Heather Phillips to deal with lower back pain that I’ve had off and on for the last year and a half. I am a golfer so it is important to me to have a healthy back. I tried everything to heal my back, from massage, chiropractic, athletic therapy and osteopathy. After the first two sessions with Heather my back seemed a lot better, almost 100%. Then I had my third session and my back has been feeling fantastic ever since and I now have a series of Energy Tuning Activities and Muscle Tuning exercises to help keep my back strong and healthy.  Heather’s knowledge, expertise and experience has been a miracle for me. I value Heather’s approach and her expertise so much that I signed up for the course ‘Win the Pain Game’ to add more tools to my tool chest for any aches and pains I may experience in the future. Thank you so much Heather, I am so grateful for your expertise.”